Stage Set: Splatter Backdrops




We used this set twice in our former auditorium and remade it so we could use it again in the new auditorium. It is a great go to set. It is easy to make but also easy to hang and it is small enough it can be folded up and stored for a later use. We love the way they backdrops reflect the light and give a cool look.

The set is relatively easy to make. We got a couple rolls of Landscape Fabric at Home Depot and some white paint. You literally go outside (make sure you are in a spot where it isn’t a problem if paint goes everywhere) and just use brushes to throw paint all over the fabric. We made 12 backdrops that were about 20ft. and used 5 gallons of white paint and about 2 gallons of gray paint. However, we put a little too much paint on some of the backdrops.

Make sure to give the drops plenty of time to dry. We learned this the hard way when we brought them inside too soon and the paint had seeped through the holes on the fabric and we ended up scrubbing the stage for 2 hours! Another mistake we made was painting on rocks and the paint also seeped through and thousands of rocks had to be scraped off the back. Our recommendation is to use plastic underneath no matter where you paint to avoid this from happening.

We put poles in the top of the fabric and use an office stapler to make the backdrops hang like a curtain and have a really nice finished look — use lots of staples!

IMG_1660 IMG_1658


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