REACH: One Face. One Story.

Today was REACH Sunday at The Crossing.  REACH represents our mission emphasis throughout the world as well as locally here in Las Vegas. Once a year, we devote a Sunday to share all that God has done in the past year through REACH as well as cast a bit of vision for the future. There were four key elements that we did creatively to drive our points home this year.

1.  At the end of his message, Shane took a moment to share the story of meeting Yuuki while on a mission trip to Osaka, Japan. Our team printed a large poster size print of what looks like an Instagram photo with the two of them together.  Shane introduced the phrase “One face. One story” at this time.

2.  We then rolled a very quick bumper, and during this bumper six easels were placed on stage while three people lined up stage right and three lined up stage left. Once the bumper had finished and the light came up, one by one each person shared their own “One face. One story” of someone that impacted them while on mission. Each person had their own pic with the person in the same format of Shane’s picture.

3.  Once these six were done, the band did a liver version of the song “Kings and Queens” by Audio Adrenaline. While the band played, there was a video montage of pictures with Ken Burns effect of all of the different trips in 2014.

4. Once the band had finished, Benji Zimmerman (our Missions Director) gave an appeal for those in the audience to discover their own “One face. One story,” and challenged them to return in the evening when we would reveal the places and dates of our 2015 trips.


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