Red Letters Wk. 1: Doubt (Nov 1)

We opened up our 6-week Red Letters series on November 1st. This series is centered around the words of Christ, specifically, some of the more difficult or confusing statements he made.

We reached back a bit by redoing an old DC Talk song Red Letters as a kick off. In most cases when we reach back, our musical team will recreate or rethink the song to make it fresh. It is easy for teams to dismiss older music, but that is a mistake. To reach back into some archives, give a song a fresh twist and even add an experience to it (ie. environmental projection) can be powerful. Remember, most of the songs we are familiar with are not known by those in the church especially if you are effective at reaching unchurched individuals.

red letters.jpg

Set List:

Let It Be Known


10000 Reasons

Special: Red Letters


Run Sheet:  November 1, 2015



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