Let It Be Week 2 Christmas Series

This week we continued our Christmas series. Each week we also highlighted the message and our theme by introducing a communion mediation moment. Traditionally our elementary kids join us on this weekend and present two full band Christmas songs. They are accompanied by emerging musicians from the local Shepherd School of Music and it is always a highlight.

This week our focus was on being compassionate as we reflect the light of Christ. We were privileged to have a very real, heartfelt communion moment that dealt with pain of loss that we especially feel during this holiday season. Laura’s story reflected that loss so vividly and she shared so openly. There is always power in the narrative of a life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 6.37.17 PM.png

Laura Hiatt Communion Meditation:

December has become a difficult month for me. In 2011, on Christmas Eve, my mother passed away. Then a year and 9 months ago, my husband Chuck – who poured his life into making this building a reality died. His birthday is in December and so was our wedding anniversary.

At 4 in the morning, my phone rang with the news that he had collapsed while praying at the wailing wall in Jerusalem. In an instant my world changed. Things, simple things, became hard to accomplish. Other things that had brought me joy – tasted like ashes in my mouth. I cried out to God for help and He was there – always there.

I was part of a loving small group, church family and many friends who prayed for me. One friend said something particularly impactful. “I can’t even begin to understand your pain, but I am here”. We text a simple greeting each morning and it continues to this day.

For a long time, all I could do was soak in the love and prayers of others – But that is not where God wanted me to stay. He desires each of His children to Do for One What You Wish You Could Do For All.

And by His grace – I have been drawn back to life. I began giving tours of the campus and enjoyed talking about the building that Chuck was so involved with. Then I went back to teaching His Word in Kids Crossing and the 3s and 4s in Early Childhood once a month. God has led me to reach out to others who are devastated by loss through GriefShare and Surviving the Holidays. And not to neglect my need for study and continued growth, I have been attending Life’s Healing Choices and will join Celebrate Recovery in January.

As God continues to lead, heal and bring back my joy – I can’t help but reach out to others with a simple, yet powerful message – I may not understand the pain that you are experiencing right now – but I am here.

So let’s take the bread, that represents Christ body and the juice that represents his blood shed for us and consider where God desires us to share His compassion and message of Hope this Season.

Set List:


This Is Amazing Grace

Trust It All


Run Sheet:  December 13, 2015

 run sheet.jpg


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