Great Resources for the New Year

nightofworship.jpgThere is a difference between imitation and inspiration. Imitation shortcuts the creative process and merely creates a carbon copy of someones hard work and idea. It rarely bring the same impact and hijacks your teams ability to be original and innovative.

Inspiration, however, is an important part of the creative process. And it can come from the most random of places. A key component of any team that is responsible for creating content whether teaching or creative elements is the exposure to random sources of inspiration. These inputs into your creative bucket should always be ongoing and flowing. It is the interaction with these concepts that then weave themselves into something that may show up in a worship experience on any given Sunday.

Many of our creative gatherings begin by someone saying, “I saw this                                 ” or “I heard this                          ” or I read                          “ and suddenly we are off and running. The objective is not to imitate, but to correlate an unrelated concept to something we are planning. It is these connections that turn into something powerful as your team throws them against the proverbial wall.  And remember…church sites should not be the sole source. Of course these are helpful as they exist in a similar context, but be sure and reach outside to stretch your imagination.

So where can inspiration come from? Here’s a couple quick spots…there are hundreds more:

  • Twitter: Avoid it at your own risk. Our team believes a consistent scrolling of these feeds will reveal nuggets of inspiration. Follow like crazy, check your feed regularly and build landing spot for great ideas.
  • Instagram: Take some time to follow artists and creatives around the world. Their post will give you a glimpse into their world. And who knows, it may actually impact yours.
  • Blogs and Websites:  Here’s a few…the list could be endless:
  • Current Movies and Television Series: Best way to remember how to tell story and even how NOT to do it is by exposing you and your team to others storytelling.
  • Jimmy Fallon: Enough Said.

Creativity = Unexpected Connection between Unrelated Concepts.

What sites is your team using for inspiration? Share.

How do you keep all this stuff organized and easy to find when you need that inspiration?  Great Question. Posting about that challenge next week.


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