Art Meets Digital: The Story Behind Our Christmas Service Graphic

LIH_16x92Series graphics are something we do all the time. Normally we are working our standard digital graphic creation process to arrive at a effective, finished piece. However, when discussions began around our Christmas Eve Services and having local artist Jennifer Main do a live painting, we decided to take a different AND difficult approach for our graphic and marketing. This was a big deal because the nature of this service means our deliverables will be extensive and large INCLUDING a billboard size banner on our building facing busy traffic. This graphic needs to be strong.

The decision was made to incorporate elements of the live painting into the main graphic look for promotion and marketing. Conversations began with Jennifer (our artist) about our Christmas theme and she began the process of finding inspiration to communicate this theme in 7 minutes. This early version would drive our final graphic.

She sent us a couple different options and the team settled on a one “look” that would work well. From there the project was handed to our graphic artist. And the process began.

Here were are three main values when creating this promotional graphic:

  1. The graphic must effectively communicate.
  2. The graphic must be able to be modified to fit the 20-25 deliverables required for our numerous marketing and promotional purposes
  3. The graphic must stay true to the original artwork.

Initially we had to go back to Jennifer to have her “cut apart” her painting into the various key pieces. It was important for Jennifer to send us the highest quality image of the chosen design. Our graphic artist then edited all of the elements of the design so they could be moved and adjusted freely based on the different deliverables we were creating. Alongside this  a high quality image of the background was used as a foundation for all of our deliverables.

As you can see in the pictures, we did not use the painted “Love is Here” on the deliverables. Unfortunately, it was unusable because of the fusion of digital text and painted art. (digital text next to the painted “Love is Here”). Instead we  finding a font that worked better for our uses.

Example of one of the elements we cut out of the graphic:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.02.21 AM

Main Advertisement Graphic:


Invitation Card: 

LIH invite

It was a great project and stretched our team to make the elements come together and work to communicate our message while integrating the digital form and art form. Great learnings in this process.


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