Inspiration from Matthew McConaughey …Weekend Rundown (Messy Grace Wk. 2) Feb. 14th

As the creative process winds through the life of your church, there will be moments where you lean back into previous elements that have a “brand” of their own. This weekend we did just that with an element from last year’s summer series, “Wisdom”.  A spoof of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercials became an ongoing element of that series so we resurrected it as part of Valentines weekend.

Side Note: Humor is always a tricky element to add to any service. It’s a wildcard as to the response or effectiveness. So be warned…tread carefully.

Here’s our version:

This weekend we choose to put a “period” on the message by using the song “Captain” (Hillsongs) as our theme focused around being led of the Spirit. As a part of this closing special, we used some additional staging (blue lights surrounding our main vocalist) as well as the stock lyric loop from Hillsongs displayed on our center split screen which was also located behind the vocalist. The combined effect with additional blue lighting (ocean/waves feel) gave us the moment we desired.  We leaned into simple as the song itself packed the desired punch.


Set List:

This Is Amazing Grace

Open Up Our Eyes

No Longer Slaves

Good Good Father

Special: Captain

Weekend Flow Sheet:Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.42.50 PM.png


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