The Power of a Penny: Wkend Recap (Feb. 28)

Sometimes we wink at the focus of the weekend…other times we stare deeply into it and embrace it fully.

Ok, that’s probably a bit too mushy and queasy a visual image, but there is some truth in the perspective.

Our approach to each weekend is to fully immerse those gathered in the direction of the day through visuals, music, environments, message, and any potential takeaway items. From week to week our CPT (Creative Programming Team) works in unison with our Production Team to accomplish this from start to finish.

Our Goal: To create an uninterrupted worship experience that fully immerses and engages the participant in a moment that catalyzes movement in their hearts and lives.

This week was an example of that process. As we continued our Messy Grace series, the focus was on our identity in Christ and specifically Paul’s words in Romans 8 regarding adoption.  Our communicator this weekend (Lee Coate) had a direct, personal link to the topic through his own adoption so we leaned into that experience and included a video narrative in which Lee told his story of adoption concluding with an element of his story centered on a penny.

Watch The Video Story Here

This element was wrapped into the day as we handed each person a penny as they entered the auditorium. The message concluded with a explanation of the pennies significance and application for everyone in the room. We close this moment with the Danny Gokey song “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” and utilized our Center Video Screen to add some time lapse visuals of movement, growth and new life.


The key to the day was the seamless connection between the elements that left a mark on individuals.


  1. When your communicator has a personal connection to the topic, lean into it.

  2. Look for ways to move your congregation from observers to participants.

  3. Takeaways can be a powerful tool when used correctly and appropriately

Set List:

You Are Good

Your Grace Finds Me

Lord I Need You

Special: Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

Great Are You Lord

Weekend Run Sheet:

Weekend Run Sheet


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