God is Greater Than: Wkend Recap (March 6th)

This past weekend, The Crossing was blessed with two guests as we continued our journey through our current “Messy Grace” series through Romans 8. Our guest speaker was Gene Appel, Senior Pastor of Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, CA.  Gene’s roots go deep into the spiritual fabric of Las Vegas, and especially for Central Christian Church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, and our own here at The Crossing: A Christian Church.  It had been ten years since Gene’s last visit, but we hope to have him back at least once a year. His influence has made a huge impact on us as a church, and it was great having him back.854A0028.jpg

Our other guest was Sam Hancock, worship leader from Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN. This was Sam’s first time with us, and he did an amazing job!


So, what do you do when you have two guests on stage in the midst of your creative programming? You keep things simple.  Gene gave an incredible message about how God is greater than all of our sin, problems, or obstacles. To help drive that point home we decided to do Urban Rescue’s new song “His Name” as a special – and behind Sam we projected the lyric video:



  1.  When you have a guest speaker, set them up for the win by giving them the space to speak on what they feel led to speak on.
  2.  When you have a guest worship leader, set them up for the win by having a song list that people are familiar with.
  3. When you have two guests in key roles on a Sunday, keep the creativity simple. Give people familiarity in other ways so they still feel at home.


Only King Forever

Here For You

Great Are You Lord

Special: His Name


March 6, 2016-8.jpg


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