Weekend Recap: Fight Fair (April 10th, 2016)

This week we kicked continued our Fight series centered around relationships and the family.  We actually imploded our normal weekend service template this weekend and completely “back-loaded” our service. Normally our services split with the message in the middle. We have wrestled with the the placement of our Host moment (Announcements, Offering) at the conclusion of our service which creates a seamless worship experience, but also faces mass exodus of people in the last spot.

This weekend we front loaded all of our worship music including communion, slotted our host moment including a summer camp roll out video as a transition piece, and then went into our message. We ended the service with the song “Love Is Worth The Fight” (Jon Foreman). It added a punch at the close and a period on the service.

Watch the song here: (Carlos Whitaker soloist)

We definitely threw some of our normal people off as our crowd tends to arrive late and try and leave early. Mixing up the order created some baffled looks among our people. But it allowed us to see that following the programming lead, our order can be shifted to provide the best movement and moments for impact. Don’t be afraid to shake it up. It will do you and your worship experience a lot of good.

Set List:


All Who Are Thirsty


Good, Good Father / How He Loves

Special Song: Love Alone Is Worth The Fight

Weekend Run Sheet:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.16.04 PM.png


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