Parables: Week 1 (Visitor At Midnight – Luke 11:5-13)

As we head into a new series on parables, we are also hitting into the lean summer months.  You know the kind: everyone has a week off here, a day off there, and maybe a few Sundays scattered through summer break as well.  And for those of us in the creative arts world, we know that summer breaks for no one, because… SUNDAY’S COMING. It always is. So, how do you counter the hectic summer schedule and still stay on top of your creative content? You work hard at it. For us, our Parables series is no different.

For week one, we tackled the parable about the Visitor At Midnight (Luke 11:5-13) which is a parable about persistence in prayer.

We created a video that depicted someone going on a prayer walk. We took the time to head out of the desert to higher elevation on nearby Mt. Charleston for this shoot.  And though somewhat comical, this video also spoke to the struggle that many of us have with prayer.  Sometimes prayer can seem pointless, as if God is not listening at all. We build this tension before the message and went straight into the song “Pray” by Sanctus Real.

We also introduced a new song from Jesus Culture called “Fierce.”

So, how do we seek to handle summer’s creative needs?  Well, we try to wrestle it to the ground by doing a video from scratch, a special song, and a new worship tune. 🙂


Set List:



The Stand

Special: Pray

Holy Spirit


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