Groups and Glow Sticks…Creative Calls to Action

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.45.35 AM.png

This weekend was designed to be a call to action on multiple fronts as we geared up for our big fall launch. If you are in the “church world”, you recognize that this is one of those seasons where people return from summer breaks and those who who may be “curious” show up at our places. In preparation for that, we have been in the midst of a series entitled, “Risk It’ with the intent to call people out of their comfort zones. Our team programming team was deeply involved in forging this service around these two objectives:

  1. Move People into Community through the vehicle of Groups
  2. Move People into Investing in our Next Generation through serving

Objective #1: Our message was centered around this objective by specifically tackling the idea of moving people out of rows into circles. Based in Mark 2:1-12, the message concluded with a direct call to action in collaboration with our communications team using our app / and or mobile website. Our desire was to capture people in the moment and give them a next step to connect. The message concluded with this song:

Objective #2 was centered around a “ramped up” announcement moment our team created in collaboration with our Next Gen leadership team. The concept involved glow sticks distributed to each individual as they entered. Our media team created a video using representative kids and students asking adults to help them “light / glow” through their world. Kids on screen….always a compelling concept.

The moment concluded with our Senior Pastor explaining our vision and calling people to take action as glow sticks filled the auditorium.


Here is the Glow Sticks video:


  • When calling your people to action:  Be clear,concise and consistent in how they can respond and what their next step is. Don’t leave this to chance.
  • Interactive elements, used sparingly and in the right context, are powerful and memorable.
  • Kids on screen = win.

Special Bonus Content: 

Our Production Director created this strong bumper video to intro our series and speakers. Sometimes they are not always stellar and serve only to get our speaker on stage. Other times they rock. This is one of those times.

(Email if you are interested in any of this content)

Service Flow:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.04.16 AM.png


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