Creativity is Hard…

Here’s a summary what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks…

Working. Very. Hard.

On a regular basis I have conversations with people especially within the church world who express a desire to go deeper into creativity on a more regular basis.  It is a “well-intentioned” idea. However…what most fail to realize is the level of just plain old hard work that is necessary to execute effective, moving moments on an ongoing basis.

Almost weekly I find myself thinking, if our team knew what it would take to make this moment happen when we came up with it…we probably wouldn’t do it. A commitment to the moment means we are also up for the various known and unknown challenges that element will create.

But that work…is what makes it awesome.

Over the last few weeks we have navigated the kicking off of a new series, alongside the execution of an emphasis we call Art Effect (you can read about that here), alongside the normal elements that had to happen outside of our weekend worship experience.  It stretched everyone on our team to the limits.

But it’s been great. And setting the tone with art has continued to be transforming for our church community. Here’s a taste of last weekend when we were thrilled to have Lauren Diaz with us, currently a part of The Voice. This song was presented over a background of nature photography from our featured artist Todd Clark (@eatart) and was a powerful moment. Enjoy!



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