Money. Money. Money

As we kicked off our series “Spent: Mastering the Money Monster”, we brought back and oldie but a goodie. This was an example where the visuals and environmental elements added to the moment. And again, we simplified. Sam killed it with the song and it was presented with just a scaled down version on a small stool. It got people’s attention with something that was well-known.


Skeptics Wanted (April 30th)

Our Skeptics series continued as we focused on scripture. We felt the best landing spot for this message was to resolve by being quiet and pondering scripture.

So. We. Did.

We built a quiet moment around a simple song and some core scriptures to absorb and ponder in that moment. Simple. Appealed to the heart. Effective.

Often we can miss a moment by over-programming. If we want people to reflect and breathe, help them do that.