Introducing a New Tune…Creatively

Anytime you introduce a new song…it can be tricky. You’re never sure whether it will resonate with people or actually work as executed. We were inspired to try and be preemptive as we rolled out the new worship tune, “Worthy of your Name” by Passion.  To do this, we began by shooting a music video out on location that we were able to roll out onto our social media pages.  The hope was that people would become familiar with the song as they watched via FB and then be familiar when done live.  One of our worship leaders, Matt Biel took on the task. This involved:

  1. Prerecording a published ready version of the song
  2. Putting together a band for the shoot
  3. Shooting on location (we choose Red Rock Canyon for this particular song)
  4. Edit video and get it out through our various channels

Here is the preemptive music video shot by David Cowan, our Arts and Media Pastor:

Here is the song as done during our weekend. We added a “song story” to the beginning as a means for Matt to introduce the song and its content.

In the future, we will use this roll out on occasion to introduce new songs. We were happy with the process and the final product.


Keep Your Head Up… Concluding Our Money Series

Sometimes you just have to do something because it is fun. As we wrapped up our Money series we did our own version of the popular song “Keep Your Head Up”.  Tyriq, one of our vocalist, is also a performer on the Strip and around the country. His interpretation of the song was on point – and we even transitioned from our Host moment by using our Student Ministry pastor to get us into the song with a little be box.   And so ….