Doors, Doors, Doors…

As part of our Open Doors series, we wanted to provide a kickoff visual that would then thread through the entire series. The image was obvious…a door. But in order to do this well, we needed the door to be amazing. And we did just that.

Here was the complete concept.

  1. Find a workshop and have a door built that we could film through the process.
  2. Shoot what we call a “nooma inspired” piece that will incorporate some keys thoughts about the power of doors in our lives in the midst of that context.
  3. Keep the door prominent both on stage and throughout different creative elements of the series. We had already brainstormed some future ideas that would thread the door in the series.

So we began to execute:

  • Started with a great sample of the door. Here’s what became our inspiration:


  • Script was written and then edited. We had decided to introduce the song “Glimmer in the Dust” alongside this element so our script needed to reflect some of the thoughts from the lyrics to tie them together. We were aware of this both in the content and in the completed video edit.
  • We secured an incredible craftsman in our church who also had a workshop that would be our video location. We actually asked him to build two identical doors that we would use later. This was great because it allowed him to build the door you will see in the video prior to our shoot and then be working on the second door. Sort of like a cooking show. We had the completed recipe even as we were “cooking” up the final piece.
  • We shot in about 5 hours on a warm day. The area was a bit confining and we were located on a busy street so audio was a challenge. We ended up having to shut the garage door (more heat) in order to get great audio.


  • We were pleased with the final edit. Combined with the song, it was powerful in the room and set up our communicator well.


Here  is the complete element including the song :

Order of Service:

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.53.29 PM.png