Route 66 … Rylie’s Story

October 1 was such a traumatic day in the life of our city and our church. Even as the month’s pass it still impacts us. There is always a delicate tension between moving forward too fast and revisiting it too often. Our strategy has been… as it applies, we deal with it.

As we kicked off our 2018 new years series “More Than Happy”, working through the book of Philippians, we realized that the story of one of our own was so poignant to the truth of enduring.  Rylie Golgart, 19 years old, was shot that evening at the concert. Her story is one of heroics, perseverance, and just raw emotion.

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Combining video (which allowed us to tell the dramatic details of that evening) with Rylie’s presence live on stage was the right combination. We did not want her to have to relive all of the details life on stage or take everyone else back through that. Rather we pointed the interview towards hope and restoration. She did a great job!

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Keep it Simple for Maximum Impact

As we started 2018, we kicked off a new 8 week series in the book of Philippians.  And as we did so we wanted to make impact through simplicity.  Part of the need for simplicity came from the fact that this service arrived on the heels of multiple Christmas services with over 10,000 people in attendance.  The turnaround back into creative process required something with impact, but from elements we already had in play.
After some discussion decided to create a moment just after communion with the song “Do It Again” – at the point when the song builds at the bridge toward the end.  We thought a spoken word would work well in that section of the song while the band slowly drove the dynamics of the song to a crescendo in keeping with the build and close of the spoken word.  Two people from our team combined thoughts that were in keeping with our passage this week in Philippians with some words from Steven Furtick.
Here’s the final version of the spoken word:

No he has never failed me yet

In Christ I put my confidence, and because He is near

There will be no place for failure or fear

When I look back on every trial I faced, I see the trail of love he traced

He’s never left things a mess before, only beauty from ashes and I see it more and more. 

In this New year the only failure that needs to be feared is the enemy’s 

I will resist his lies, as he tries so hard to deceive me

but with God by my side we WILL retrieve all that the enemy has tried to steal from me, kill in me, and destroy around me

Though he might try to convince me that my past holds failures that will cast a shadow on my future, 

I will resist those lies with the truth that I am more than a conqueror through him who loves me

That Jesus has already won, that his promise still stands as does his faithfulness

And so great is his faithfulnesss

Greater than my fear, Greater than my failures

It overcame death and the grave 

When the world thought he was dead and gone, 

He raised to life and brought me along

Theres no need to be afraid, failure won’t get in my way because what God started in me… He will finish


See the video here:




  1. Keeping things simple can often bring maximum impact.
  2. Small tweaks in your current programming may be all you need.
  3. Find the seam in service where you can thread the heart element.

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