Sometimes You Just Have to “Break It Down”

Jeffrey Cravens is a strong worship leader from Shepherd Church in California. We were honored to have him with us for a weekend and look forward to having him back.

He mixed it up a bit on a familiar tune and added a little something something.



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Grabbing The Heart…

In the midst of our “Explicit Lyrics” series through the Song of Solomon we wanted to highlight the power and celebrate marriages. We know they are not “perfect”, but we felt that song grabbed the element that we wanted to highlight.

So we scrambled, found some different couples and highlighted them throughout the song. This was a technical challenge as we currently have a curved screen that we call “The Womb” which is awesome but difficult to format due to it’s wide format.

So we had to keep that in mind as we shot the actual video moments with our couples and their photos. In order to execute it, we went old school and literally used gaff tape to outline the viewable area on our viewfinder. We then made sure that our couples and their families held the photo and were framed accordingly.

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We double checked this by literally broadcasting live onto our center screen as we recorded each of these individuals. And it turned out well. What a cool moment!

“Perfect” sung by Sam Hancock for our Explicit Lyrics series through the Song of Solomon at The Crossing church in Las Vegas

by Powell Sullivan
© 2017 Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Song used with Permission CCS License #9072

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Very. Cool. Moment. Featuring…. The “Meet Cute

Kicking off our series through the Song of Solomon series “Explicit Lyrics” we wanted to also feature a strong moment on the weekend following Easter.

During our programming gathering, we recalled a cool setup moment from the movie “The Holiday” where the idea of a “meet cute” is introduced.  This set up our desired moment perfectly. We then rolled to this classic tune while also featuring classic movie “meet cutes” on our oval center screen behind our vocalist.

Couple notes:

  1. We are able to move this oval screen up and down via motors and so we took the opportunity to bring it to the stage deck in order to give the feel of surrounding our musicians.
  2. Lauren Diaz (The Voice 2016 season) simply killed it on this song and was accompanied simply on the acoustic by Ben Kolarick.

The combination was powerful and not only resonated in the room, but also created quite a buzz via our social media channels.

At Last

Performed by Lauren Diaz, Ben Kolarcik & Matt Biel.

“At Last”
by Mack Gordon Harry Warren
© 1960 Geffen Records

Song used with Permission, CCS License #9072