No. Words.

In the midst of our Hills We Die On Series, we dealt with the parable of the One over the 99. The natural song to accompany this day was … Reckless Love. Easy decision. So it would seem. But with our team, we are always attempting to mine for the last 10% in order to take the expected and normal to a greater impact. With Reckless Love, this was a challenge as the song is extremely familiar to our people and the lyrics can even become numb to our hearts.

We made the decision to present the songs with only visuals and only a single cello. Yes, a single cello. Basically an instrumental version coming out of our communion moment that was accompanied with environmental lyrics. No leading from the front. No cues for what the audience should do.

We paused. And then we went for it.

Our favorite cellist David Warner agreed to come in and added to the moment by bringing his unique cello on which he has constructed a harp like element. He made the decision to use the harp during the song to add emphasis. You will see on the video.

It was a powerful, powerful moment that we did not expect. In each service, people sat. Stunned. Weeping. Some standing, others just absorbing. The power of the song was increased because each individual filled in the lyrics in the head. They heard the song for the first time as they felt it.

Here’s the video of the moment which is tough to do justice:


  1. Don’t always feel like you have to hold people’s hands. Give space for the Spirit to actually move. Don’t tell people what they should feel. Let them feel it.
  2. Giving space can be a powerful thing. 
  3. Take something familiar and rework it to make it fresh. Make sure and give your team enough space to consider this and execute to it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 9.19.23 AM.png


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