Using a Follow Up to Rev Things Up

This past weekend we set aside time specifically to encourage people to 1. Make a decision for Christ and 2. Make a public statement of this faith through baptism. In the planning for this worship gathering, it became evident that people needed to not just understand the power of the decision, but also the effects of stepping out in these decisions.  At The Crossing, we celebrate baptisms every month and we do this through both story and the experience in the room. As we pondered recent life stories we had heard, we landed on Kelci’s story. She had made such an impact initially and we wondered what it would be like to do a follow up and hear where she is now.

She was so excited and agreeable to make it happen. And her story was so strong and compelling (especially coming from a young person), the decision was made to actually fold the video into the conclusion of the message.

LEARNING: As we consider creative elements, there is always the question that needs to be asked around placement and the feel/mood in the moment. One thing to consider with your team is not just the heart, quality and execution of an element, but also it’s PLACEMENT. We have wasted many a good idea by placing it in the wrong spot in the service flow.

This was the right spot.

This is Kelci’s story.


Kelci Cardinal Baptism Re-Visit_4 from The Crossing Creative on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 7.47.24 PM.png


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