We had this realization a few years ago, Sundays come every week! As a creative team we live and breathe in this reality and are always keeping our eyes open for inspiration that we would be able to use and adopt into our context. All of us have spent countless hours in meetings staring at our computers looking for that one idea to  pull the whole service together. This site is dedicated to the ideas that we have tried and hope that something on here sparks an idea for your church whether you find a cool video, series, song or graphic. Our desire is to be a service to other churches because so often we are on the other end of the screen searching for anything and everything that could pull our service together in the 11th hour.

Our Team and Contributors:


Lee Coate
Lee is the Executive Pastor of Ministry and Media at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas. Lee is our team leader and is the idea guy like you have never met before! He balances the team by moving the ball forward, but also making sure we are effective where we currently are. Lee has been at The Crossing for 8 years and has over 20 years of ministry experience from church planting to youth ministry, and of course, creative arts.


David Cowan
David is our Arts & Media Pastor. He is amazing at capturing story and presenting it on video in a dynamic and unforgettable way! When he is not editing you can either find him at the drum kit or just loving on people! Dave has lived in so many places he probably couldn’t recount all of them, but spent the last 10 years planting churches in Baltimore and Phoenix before he came to Las Vegas in 2011.


Josiah Philip
Josiah is our Communications and Production Pastor. He is either making sure all of the equipment is ready to go or sitting on his computer working on a some graphics for an upcoming event. He has a huge passion to see the lost found and the found grow in their relationships with God. Josiah has been at The Crossing since it began in 2000, and has been on staff since 2011.


Michelle Shepherd
Michelle is our Musical Director. Michelle has a huge heart for worship and does an incredible job of helping our teams be excellent, yet not wanting it to distract from the main point of what we are doing.  She toured for 18 years doing 10 shows a week before settling down in Las Vegas. We have yet to find an instrument that she does not have at least some experience playing. Michelle is one of the most positive an encouraging people you have ever met. Michelle and her husband also own a studio where they do lessons for people who desire to lead worship. Michelle has been in full time ministry for 6 years and has been at The Crossing since 2011.

Dominique Salazar
Dominique is our Graphic Designer. She also serves on our Programming Team and contributes to the overall direction of our weekend experiences. She is also responsible for much of our graphic content and marketing that takes place throughout the church community. She began as an intern at The Crossing while studying graphic design at the Las Vegas Design School. She has served full time since 2013.

Matt Biel
Matt is our Production and Music Assistant. He is responsible for execution of various service elements, stage design, and music coordination. He writes music and lead worship in numerous venues.

April Holiday
April is a key volunteer who is part of our Creative Programming team.




One thought on “About

  1. Susan Comer

    God morning, I received a phone call from Regina yesterday after visiting the Crossing on Sunday. I’d gone to Vegas to be alone and stay at our sons home. his church is the Crossing and we’ve been several times now. I’d left a lengthy voice message with Regina to forward to Pastor Lee. receiving her call while I was driving home to Los Angeles was a blessing that I needed. I mentioned to her about Pastor Lees sermon and how poignant it was for me.
    to Regina, thank you for that call. what a blessing you are. please forgive me if I seemed manic or over exuberant as I explained I’m having a very hard time.
    I received a much needed email from a co worker this morning about Corinthians so now reading my Bible to get the gist of her message of how much she loves that particular segment where the body parts are explained. I went on to read 1Cor 13:4-5. Regina do you know this is exactly what you were explaining to me yesterday? how amazing God is in how He works.
    please accept my sincere appreciation.
    because He lives I can face tomorrow

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