Connect With Us: The Crossing Creative Cohorts

Let us be a laboratory and a canvas of learning for your team.

We would love to connect with your creative team, spend some time learning from each other through a onsite collaborative environment plus give you a glimpse of what our processes look like here at The Crossing.

More information about our next gathering is found HERE

Plus…it’s Las Vegas. With lots of fun site seeing opportunities, bring your team and spend 1-3 days with us here. We will assist with some local connections for lodging and provide face to face connections and conversations with our team.


  • Hear our story and the power of incremental change and collaboration
  • Unpack the creative process from inception to execution
  • Our creative processes step by step
  • Walk through our environments.
  • Our creative missteps and failures
  • Mobilizing and training of volunteers
  • Share your best practices with us!
  • Explore Las Vegas and the production scene here

Interested? Send a quick email to and we will respond immediately:

Torrie Sorge (