Weekend Rundown: Be Reliable (Man Up – Wk 2)



What a great weekend we had at The Crossing! Our main text for this weekend was 2 Timothy 2. Shane Philip, our senior pastor, talked about the importance of living a life that can be an example for others.

There were a couple creative elements that we used that were very strong. We found a very good video on YouTube that featured Bryan Clay who is the Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist in the Decathlon. This video on YouTube is in 5 different parts. We played 3 of the 5 parts in the service and it made for a great tie into the message. We enjoy being able to use a story at the beginning of the service and followup the story at the end of the message. This video allowed us to end cap the “Message Elements” section of the service to link everything together. The service flow below shows how we did that this weekend.

Bryan Clay YouTube Video

We did a feature song originally performed by Rascal Flatts called “Stand.”  This was a great song that was an awesome addition to the service.

Stand – Rascal Flatts YouTube Video

Stand Chart – Stand (Rascal Flatts) – B

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 6.25.47 PM


Weekend Rundown: Strange Dinner Guest (Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Wk: 7)

“Strange Dinner Guest” was the last week in our Truth is Stranger than Fiction Series. This was an overall solid service from the worship through the message. The text was the story of David and Mephibosheth found in 2 Samuel 9.

We really loved the bumper for “Strange Dinner Guest.” It is the last of four comedic bumpers that we filmed that featured an awkward small group situation. In each of these videos we gave a preview to the passage for the day because many of the texts are not preached as often as others. This helped to give people an idea of what we were talking about before the speaker began.

“Christ is Enough” by Hillsong Live is a song we are currently doing a lot. This song has really resonated with our congregation. The bridge is especially impactful by integrating parts of “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in a new way.

YouTube Video of Christ is Enough

Chart – Christ Is Enough-A

Bumper & Message Video

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.18.47 AM