Men Who Lounge: Videos in 100 degrees

Inspiration comes from a variety of places.

As we were having conversations around our summer “Giants” series bumper package, the idea flew onto the table to use the Sonic Drive Thru commercials as a jumping off point. Our version, however, would take place on top of a roof vs. in the drive through of a fast food joint.

We had 8 weeks to cover so our crack writing team went to work shaping facts about our biblical giants into “comical” 1 minute spoofs. It would be a big challenge for our team to execute as it involved:

1. Major amounts of prop gathering
2. Shooting on a roof top in the middle of the summer
3. Working with two pastors/actors who would have to be familiar enough with the material to pull it off.
4. We were shooting all 8 … at one time.

For our team, this was a welcome challenge. Every team needs those ongoing moments where it is “all hands on deck” for a big project that is more than we should probably be taking on, but feel compelled to do so. This was that exact thing.

On the day of the shoot – we prayed for cloud cover and went for it. The result was a great series of videos that kept the enthusiasm going for the entirety of the series. We were pleased with the result even with our amateur acting talent.