Red Letters Wk. 4 (Nov. 22nd)

FearRedLettersThis weekend is our bi-annual Child Dedication experience. A huge DNA decision for us as we grow is to continue these family moments. It serves to remind us who we are, enhances community, and is a powerful teaching/sending moment for parents.

Set List:

This Is Amazing Grace

Good, Good Father

Trust It All

Special (Child Dedication): With All I Am

Forever Reign

Run List:  November 22, 2015


Special Music: Us For Them

Sometimes your plan collides with the world in ways you could never HAVE planned. The week prior to this service a terrorist shooting took place in San Bernardino, CA that shocked all of us. This song had already been planned in the service as our theme was “Judgment”. Little did we know this song would have such a powerful impact based on the events and emotions of the moment.

Ben Kolarcik : Us For Them

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.24.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.24.06 PM.png

Gungor Lyric Video

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.33.11 PM.png

Red Letters Wk. 2 : Doubt (Nov 8)

Week 2 of Red Letters Series centered around some of the difficult words of Jesus. This week our topic was Doubt. As a part of that we included the song “Never Once” and added a spoken word to the middle of the song.

Spoken Word Text:

As I kneel upon this battle ground
I look back and see all the times I should have drowned
I should have drowned
But I found you were faithful with my every move
Knowing Your power works within me, how could I lose
So I’ll get back on my feet, knowing you’ll meet
my every need for grace and peace
Yes Your grace gives me hope to face all that’s broken
And your peace helps sustain me as I face this open ocean
Now I can’t drown with the sound of your loving voice beside me
Abide in my love you say,  now that’s the only place I wanna stay
And you said you were the only way,
truth and life enough to face each day
So I will let your faithfulness sustain
You’re the one who overcame
You’re the one who won’t let me walk alone
The one who’ll never leave me on my own
God is faithful

Set List:

This Is Amazing Grace

No Longer Slaves

From The Inside Out

Special: Never Once

Came To My Rescue

Run Sheet:   November 8, 2015

Nov 8.jpg



Red Letters Wk. 1: Doubt (Nov 1)

We opened up our 6-week Red Letters series on November 1st. This series is centered around the words of Christ, specifically, some of the more difficult or confusing statements he made.

We reached back a bit by redoing an old DC Talk song Red Letters as a kick off. In most cases when we reach back, our musical team will recreate or rethink the song to make it fresh. It is easy for teams to dismiss older music, but that is a mistake. To reach back into some archives, give a song a fresh twist and even add an experience to it (ie. environmental projection) can be powerful. Remember, most of the songs we are familiar with are not known by those in the church especially if you are effective at reaching unchurched individuals.

red letters.jpg

Set List:

Let It Be Known


10000 Reasons

Special: Red Letters


Run Sheet:  November 1, 2015