When Viral Meets Vivid: Weekend Recap (Messy Grace Wk. 3) Feb. 21


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.14.43 AM

Don’t be oblivious. Ever.

You’re church can’t afford it.

Over the last week a video of Monte Williams, basketball coach has caught fire / “gone viral” as he shared at the funeral of his wife. It’s a tragic story surrounding her passing leaving him with five children. But his strength, faith, and confidence in God provided a platform in the midst of this tragedy to demonstrate God on a huge platform. So huge in fact, that NBA on TNT played the entirety of his words without interruption, leaving even Charles Barkley speechless.

It came on our the radar Saturday afternoon. Based on our topic (Romans 8:28), within minutes and with a few phone calls it was added to the conclusion of the message this weekend. And it was such a powerful, unplanned and timely way to communicate the message of hope in the midst of real circumstances.

This reiterates the ongoing principle:

Be engaged with what it happening in your world
to give hope to those dealing with our world.

It was awesome to have Carlos Whitaker leading as well. We closed out the message with Monte’s video and King and Country’s “Shoulders” done by Carlos with our Music Director Michelle adding in some glockenspiel (nailed the spelling!) to put a period on the message.

Set List:

Only King Forever

Trust It All

Ever Be

Special: Shoulders

How He Loves

Weekend Run Sheet:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.58.32 AM.png



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