Choose One, Change One Summer Emphasis

Each summer in the midst of vacations and travel, we intentionally try to bring attention in a specific direction so that the summer becomes a momentum gain. In the past we have emphasized the arts each weekend. This year we felt the need to put some energy and effort behind our local ministry partners.  Our theme is “Choose One, Change One” with the idea being each individual choosing one organization with the hopes of changing at least one life.

Each weekend a specific organization is focused on through various means (video highlights, life story, or live interview).  Throughout our campus, the organization is then featured and individuals are encouraged to find a way to volunteer with them.

On our first week we choose to kick off the series with a mash up of Titanium and Don’t Let Me Down. This was partly inspired by the State Farm commercials currently playing that emphasize getting involved. Michelle Shepherd, our music director, did an incredible job with the song as we scaled it back to just her and a keyboard.



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