In the past year since our grand opening of our new auditorium, we have grown over 800 people, which has been incredible. Yet, we have seen that while our attendance has increased, all other things (for the most part) was left unchanged (giving, serving, etc).  In response, our church’s leadership sensed it was time to have a vision Sunday to help people move from the sidelines, and into the journey with everyone else.  Creatively, we sought to help move people through two elements:

1.  Vision Video: – Inspired by North Point’s video (, we wanted to highlight a couple in our church that really understood The Crossing’s vision and showed that by the way they lived and served here… a couple that not only gave, but also served, invested into the lives of others, and were truly a part of the journey here at The Crossing. We decided to highlight the Yao’s… but with a twist… at first, Lee Coate interviewed them about their investment here in The Crossing, but within a couple of minutes a whole crowd of people appeared in the video, completely surprising the Yao’s. Then, one by one, people came up to the table to share with the Yao’s about how their investment was impacting their lives… See the video here:

2.  Pavers: – We encouraged everyone as they left the service to go to a designated area to grab a paver and write their names on one side of it… on the bottom, we asked them to write out the names of people that they were investing in as well.  One by one, each person laid down their paver until we had thousands that together created a path.  All of this proved by be powerfully effective.  We took video of everyone writing on their pavers to create our next video bumper.


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