Worship Leader Platoon and Weekend Recap: Fight Like A Man (April 17th, 2016)

We have a unique worship leading situation at The Crossing. We have an amazing Musical Director (Michelle Shepherd) and Music Asst. (Matt Biel) who work alongside our creative team in the execution of the music aspects of our weekend worship experience. However, each weekend we have a platoon rotation of leaders who take the point leading our services. They are scheduled 3-4 months out and work alongside our team in choosing songs and executing it especially the special music we may use. How does this work?  Well.


  • Built in variety
  • No larger than life personality
  • Raised bar of musicanship
  • Unique leadership and perspective of the music execution
  • Fresh energy each weekend

Our Weekend Schedule:

  • Weekend worship leader arrives Sat. AM (early flight)
  • Saturday afternoon Rehearsal (2-4 pm)
  • Sunday call time (6:30 am)
  • Sunday production time (7:15 am)
  • Three AM Services
  • Six PM service call time (5:15 pm)
  • Six PM service

Leaders fly out either Sunday night (west coast) or Monday am (east coast).

Crazy? Maybe. But over the last 3+ years it has become a solid part of our worship experiences. The key element is having solid musical direction on site to work within our creative team and make the music happen. We actually choose special songs often based on the leader on that weekend based on energy, song style, etc.

So…this weekend we were so glad to have Sam Hancock join our platoon rotation. A worship leader out of Indiana, Sam has traveled for years as a part of the band Luminate. Now leading worship full time, he has been a real strong add to our team.

This weekend in the midst of our Fight series, we were able to use Sam’s hit song, “Heal This Home”. Packaged with a background loop, the song was a strong add to the service and set up the rest of the day well.

A highlight of the day was a great life story told by Gil, a MMA fighting coach here in Las Vegas. His story moved through his early life and we celebrated his huge step of baptism on Easter. As our guest speaker, Mike Breaux tackled the topic, Fight Like A Man, Gil’s story strongly resonated.

Here is that video:

Here’s the rest of the service lineup:

Glory To God

This Is Amazing Grace

Great Are You Lord

Special: Heal This Home

Weekend Run Sheet:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 6.42.39 PM.png



2 thoughts on “Worship Leader Platoon and Weekend Recap: Fight Like A Man (April 17th, 2016)

  1. Mike Breaux was instrumental in my becoming a pastor. I heard him speak at a Christ in Youth conference in Adrian, Michigan back in 1986. At the conclusion of his talk he asked a pretty simple question: how could you say, “no?” With all that Christ has done for you, when he asks you to serve, how could you say no? A watershed moment in my life.

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